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Suero ácido

Suero ácido

Turn your waste acid whey into high-quality products

Do you produce cream cheese, Greek yogurt, quark or other dairy products? Then you have a valuable raw material at your disposal, which provides great opportunities to expand your product portfolio.


We investigate the possibilities
Our R&D specialists have developed alternatives to produce beverages, cream cheese and desserts using acid whey with specially selected Nutrilac® proteins. Download the whitepaper with our findings.

Rich in dairy minerals

With as much calcium and magnesium as milk and a good dose of phosphorus and potassium, acid whey contributes, nutritionally, to strengthening bones and teeth, muscle structure and overall health.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed a special whey protein, Nutrilac ® , to facilitate the production process when using your acidic whey. 

Creamy appeal

Just add Nutrilac ® and water to your acid whey to start producing fresh-tasting dairy products such as fermented beverages, kiri and cream cheese with attractive viscosity, creamy mouthfeel and up to 5% protein content.

Therefore, instead of throwing away your acid whey, you can take advantage of it and boost your business, also contributing to a more sustainable management of the planet. 

Your final product 

  • Attractive flavor and texture
  • High in minerals, low in fat
  • Low environmental impact

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