Helado bajo en grasa

Helado bajo en grasa

Indulgent half-fat ice cream

Are you interested in reducing the fat content in the industrial process of your ice cream? By using our Nutrilac ® whey protein solution , you can reduce the fat in ice cream by up to 50%! Despite that, your ice cream will remain stable and deliciously creamy for your consumers.

Our secret is the use of our microparticle whey protein. A technological innovation to facilitate the food industry's efficient development and processing in the production of ice cream, since by simulating fat molecules, the body and mouthfeel are restored when the fat is removed, so consumers barely They can tell the difference.

Stable ice cream processing

During the maturation of ice cream, our Nutrilac ® whey protein has a positive function in the fat destabilization process, which is to strengthen the structure of the ice cream, without changing its flavor . In this way, the appropriate level of incorporated air and creaminess is obtained with a unique stirring process, in addition to an exquisite dairy flavor provided by our proteins .

Our solutions perform well in recipes based on cream or vegetable fat and are easily adapted to regional preferences. 

Your final product

  • Creamy, full-bodied mouthfeel
  • Exquisite dairy flavor
  • Up to 50% less fat

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