Offering high quality lactose

Subasta de global dairy trade

Arla Foods Ingredients is selling high quality lactose through the Global Dairy Trade online auction platform as part of its bid to become the world’s leading lactose supplier.

We will make our lactose more widely accessible in international markets by introducing one of our lactose qualities to the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) online auction platform: our food-grade lactose. Three mesh sizes will be available: unmilled, mesh 100, and mesh 200. All lactose is vegetarian, kosher/halal. Please join us on the next auction, see more here.


  • Transparent price setting at the market’s best price. The market sets the price rather than the supplier 
  • Development of a reliable benchmark for lactose.
  • Ensure reliable high product quality from approved facilities
  • Consistent sales outlet that matches demand with supply.  

Our premium lactose for infant formula wet and dry blend applications will not be included in our GDT offer. For more information about our full product rangeplease contact:


Twice a month, sellers report their volumes for sale and starting price to the online auction, which then opens for bidders. If the total bids exceed the volume available, a new bidding round begins at a higher price. Further bidding rounds are initiated as necessary until demand matches supply. In this way, both buyers and sellers can be sure to obtain the best price of the day in the global marketplace.